Optias provides advisory and consulting services to Government and Business.  Our engagements have resulted in successful outcomes for projects, the establishment of new businesses both large and startup, and in the commercialisation of technology. 


This work is supported by strong business processes including  our own proprietary systems.


What We Do

Optias is an advisory and consulting firm established in 2008.  Optias provides incisive advice and  analysis of  business and strategic opportunities and challenges.  Our clients include government departments, multinational corporations and high growth businesses across Australia, Asia and the UK.  With our broad experience, and  capacity to  engage with our extensive network of collaboration partners, we can respond to a wide range of issues in a variety of industry sectors. 


The Optias team has had direct line management experience and responsibility for strategic planning, project management and new business development for major Australian government departments and multinational corporations. We have worked in Asia, North America and Europe with Boards and the highest levels of management.  We are committed to make a difference in people’s lives and have been engaged in providing advice to the health sector, where we have direct health and research experience. 


Improving decision quality and impact assessment

Meet The Team


Over decades of experience Optias associates have observed how frequently businesses of all shapes and sizes (from start-ups to multinational corporations) make poor decisions.  This often damaged the business and in some cases, destroyed it altogether.  Further, in a survey, McKinsey and Company (3 Reasons Business Leaders Make Bad Decisions) found that most business leaders believe their organisations make bad decisions about as often as they make good ones.  Optias helps organisations to make better decisions. 

Once a decision has been made, a good corporate citizen will be concerned with its social and environmental impacts.  Optias has developed a comprehensive and evidence-based approaches for social and environmental assessments that provides improved comparisons of different options.  Consequently, we have developed Perioptias suite of services to support better organisational decision-making and in assessing the impacts of those decisions.  These are:


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