Perioptias Social Impact Assessment

Once a decision has been made, a business that seeks to be a good corporate citizen will assess the social impacts of that decision and various options.  In larger projects this is likely to be a legal requirement.  This is a challenging process because:

  • It is difficult to ensure all possible social impacts are considered.  Indeed, most social impact studies overlook relevant impacts.  Our Perioptias Social Impact Assessment tool identifies twelve categories of impact, each with seven criteria.  Not only does this provide a more comprehensive checklist but can also  stimulate thinking about other criteria that might be relevant.

  • The lack of a suitable scalar makes it very difficult to compare and assess these impacts as well as different options for moving forward.  We use a risk-based method to generate a scalar by which the social impacts of projects and their options can be compared.

More detail on this service is available in the Perioptias SIA presentation below.

Perioptias Social Impact Assessment presentation