Perioptias Decision Logic

In our experience, we have often seen that poor decisions arise from:

  • Bias on the part of decision-makers.

  • Lack of evidence-base for the decisions made.

  • Failure to engage all of the relevant team members s in the decision-making process.


The Perioptias Decision Logic Service is designed to help companies make better decisions by using evidence-based methods and unbiased facilitators.  The PDL service provides a map that is a single-page depiction of the logic that underpins an investment decision.  It represents an ‘agreed investment story’ that is logical, able to be supported by evidence and easily understood by a layperson.  This service is adapted from the Australian State Government of Victoria’s investment Logic Map, which Optias personnel had a leading role in developing.  We have now facilitated more than 1,000 such workshops across Australia and New Zealand.  More information can be downloaded from the Perioptias Decision Logic presentation and the Example Report below.

Perioptias Decision Logic presentation

Perioptias Decision Logic Example Report